How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Orderly

Everyone knows that one of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a home tidy is dealing with the kitchen. With a constant stream of new activity such as cooking and eating, the kitchen can go from clean and pristine to dirty and dingy overnight. With this, here are some simple tips to keep the kitchen clean and orderly even when there’s a dinner party, birthday party or cooking explosion:

Ways to Keep Your Dirty Kitchen Clean and Orderly

1. Teach Dishwasher Etiquette

Teach every family member in the house the importance of rinsing and plopping dishes into the dishwasher. As soon as they’re finished eating, the kitchen should stay clean much longer than if dishes are left in the sink or on the counter.


2. Ditch Dish Distress

Immediately after or even during a party, start loading the dishwasher. Make a point to start to conquer the dishes by being armed with an empty dishwasher at the outset.


3. Cycle Glasses

Designate one glass for each family member and have him or her use the same glass regularly. After juice in the morning, simply rinse with water and have them reuse again at night for milk or lemonade. No need to wash a million glasses or clog the dishwasher with a bunch of drinkware.


Follow these three simple tips to achieve a cleaned kitchen and make yourself worry-free. In any case that you might not want to clean yourself, you have nothing to worry! Contact Thats Clean Maids and receive a $25 off on your first cleaning!

The Least Clean(ed) Places in Your Home

There are many areas of your home that get overlooked when cleaning. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that these places end up being the dirtiest and most contaminated ones of them all! The worst part is that many homeowners are oblivious to the fact that these areas or objects are filthy. Bacterias are crawling and hence, continue to touch and use them like nothing’s wrong! But it is wrong; so very wrong and unhealthy! With that said, we’d like to share with you some of the least cleaned places in the home and how to maintain a clean home.


The Least Cleaned Spots at Home That You Need to Evaluate


  1. Knobs and Handles

We’re not just talking about the ones on doors, but all sorts of knobs and handles around your home. In fact, the handles are generally dirtier than whatever it that they’re attached to! This is because they are held or touched by different sets of hands which deposit bacteria on them. It’s advisable to start wiping knobs and handles down with a disinfectant on a regular basis.


  1. Remote Controls

Again, bacteria from our hands and dust settling on them make remote controls one of the filthiest objects in the home! What’s worse is that germs, dust, and dirt cling to the rubber buttons. It also fills up the gaps between them, making it harder to clean. Nevertheless, it’s important that you take a little time out to clean your remote controls thoroughly using disinfectant wipes.


  1. Scrubbers and Sponges

It comes as no surprise that scrubbers and sponges are filled with bacteria. After all, they’re used to clean up some gross stuff! It’s advisable to replace them every month and keep them clean and sanitary till then. This can be done by soaking them in a bleach-based cleaner for ten minutes and drying them out properly before their next use.


  1. Bath Mats

After you shower, you wipe your feet on it, maybe even your flip flops, which keeps your bath mat wet or damp for prolonged periods. What’s worse is that bath mats are kept in humid environments and hence, become a breathing ground for bacteria. So don’t waste any time when it comes to laundering your bath mats with a bleach detergent every two weeks or so.


  1. Toothbrush Holders

Regardless of what type of toothbrush holder you have, be it a stand or a cup, a wet toothbrush holder promotes mildew or a moss-like fungus to grow over time. If you have a cup holder, you will notice the water collecting at the bottom starting to turn green which is very unhygienic and unsafe. To avoid this, rinse out your holder every week and replace your toothbrush regularly.


  1. Dirty Clothes Hamper

Yes, this is where all your sweaty, smelly clothes and other dirty laundry is dumped and left for (sometimes) days before being washed. Now imagine how filthy this hamper/basket must be after housing these smelly, dirty items? That thought is probably enough from least cleaned spots to make you clean your dirty clothes basket today! Do this by using a disinfectant to wipe or soak it before rinsing the basket out with clean water.

The Anatomy of a Great DIY Cleaning Method

We like talking to our customers and get fantastic feedback from them. They sometimes ask us how we do it — how do we get the place so clean? And as we talk to potential customers, they always ask, “what am I getting for my money?” Fair questions.

So we’ve put together a little rundown of what it takes to clean a house or business professionals. It’s just an outline; there’s no space here to go into much detail. Still, you’ll get the idea. It becomes evident why it’s a good idea to have the home cleaning professionals to your house on a regular basis and not try to keep up with it yourself. It’s not as easy as merely putting on a white apron and picking up a feather duster. But the result is happy customers who have a whole lot more time on their hands. What could be better?


Supplies You’ll Need For DIY Cleaning

You’re going to need: glass cleaner, furniture polish, all-purpose cleaner, countertop cleaner, scrub pads, stainless steel cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, microfiber mops, microfiber pads, sweep broom, push broom, dust pan, dust mop, wet mop, grout brush, terry cloth rags, microfiber cloth, ladder, trash bags, twisty ties, and a feather duster. A white apron is optional.

Once you are ready to clean, you have a lot to do. Below is the general checklist. Every item has related items that we haven’t listed due to space. There is always something more to clean. That’s the maid’s job.

DIY Cleaning Checklist

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Checklist

⁃ Empty Trash
⁃ Replace Trash bags
⁃ Make Beds
⁃ Remove Cobwebs
⁃ Dust Baseboards
⁃ Clean Ceiling Fans
⁃ Clean Window Sills
⁃ Wipe Down Doors
⁃ Wipe Down Baseboards
⁃ Clean Door Hardware
⁃ Dust Furniture — Top, Bottom and Sides
⁃ Wash Glass Surfaces
⁃ Disinfect Bathrooms
⁃ Clean Light Fixtures
⁃ Cleaning Wall Hangings
⁃ Clean Knick-Knacks
⁃ Vacuum Vents
⁃ Clear Out Bookshelves and Dust
⁃ Wipe Cabinets
⁃ Sweep Floors
⁃ Vacuum Floors
⁃ Mop Floors
⁃ Clean Kitchen
⁃ Sink
⁃ Refrigerator
⁃ Microwave
⁃ Stove
⁃ Cabinets
⁃ Dishwasher Front
⁃ Countertops and Island
⁃ Stainless Steel Items


Moving In or Out

If you require a total and complete home cleaning, such as when you are moving in or out, you will need to add these items to your list.
⁃ Clean inside the refrigerator and freezer
⁃ Clean the oven
⁃ Carefully clean all the windows, inside and out
⁃ Clean inside all the cabinets and drawers
⁃ Clean inside all the closets


Additional DIY Cleaning Reminders

As we said before, there is always more cleaning and organizing to do. You can begin organizing everything from your sock drawer to your garage to your basement or bookshelves. The area under the refrigerator, under the washer and dryer, in the air conditioner or heat pump closet, or near the water heater can be cleaned up. It never ends.


Call Us

Thorough professional cleaning pays off in time saved and a healthy living environment. The costs are low. The results are better than you can achieve yourself. That’s Clean Maids does all this and more. Call us now.

How to Clean Your Phone and Why You Need to Do it Today!


The number of individuals that relate ‘cleaning’ of a phone to that of installing anti-viruses and removing malware is astounding! Especially when cellphones have been named one of the filthiest personal belonging we own! It’s true; that precious phone you press against your face, constantly hold in your hands and leave lying around your bed is a germy, dirty and bacteria-filled device!

For the minority who do acknowledge the fact that a phone needs cleaning, you may be turned off the idea for fear of damaging the device. Yes, cleaning your phone can be a little tricky; hence, it pays to know the right and safe way of going about it. Read on for the dos and don’ts of cleaning your phone.

Do Use a Microfiber Cloth for the Screen

The screen of your phone is generally marked with fingerprints, smudges and greasiness from your face. To clean efficiently and without damaging or scratching the screen, use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe it. Wipe in one direction using long, uninterrupted strokes for a spotless and non-streaky screen.

Don’t Use Water or Glass Cleaner

Avoid using water, glass cleaner or water-based solvents to clean spots off your screen. If stubborn marks/spots don’t come out after wiping the screen with a microfiber cloth, use a special screen cleanser to gently scrub them away. This should be done by adding a drop or two of cleaner to one corner of the cloth or just enough to dampen the material, not soak it.

Do Use Rubbing Alcohol for the Rest of the Phone

Make a solution of 1 part rubbing alcohol, 2 parts distilled water (hard water may lead to streaking). Dip a cotton swab in this cleanser and squeeze out the excess water completely. The swab should merely be damp when cleaning the rest of your phone including the back, sides and rims.

Don’t Force Swab into Ports/Audio Jack

As tempted as you are to stick a swab into those dust-filled ports and audio jack of your phone, refrain from doing so. The dampness of the swab can cause damage, while the pins may get bent and the fibers of the cotton can get stuck inside. Instead, use a fine paintbrush with soft bristles to remove dust from the front of the port. Don’t push the bristles deep inside as it may cause damage while pushing the dust further back.

Do Open the Back and Clean

While some of the newer phone models are completely sealed with an in-built battery, there are many phones that can still be opened from the back to remove the battery. If yours permits, you should definitely consider cleaning inside because dust and debris can creep in overtime and fill up crevices. Again, use a soft-bristled paintbrush for this and be gentle when brushing out dust.

Don’t Use Water or Liquid Cleaners

Any water or dampness that comes in contact with the internal components of your phone can cause significant damage. Hence, we advise avoiding any water or liquid cleaners here. Simply clean the inside to the best of your ability using the paintbrush.

Thanks for the help from our friends at Simply Maids for contributing to the article, if you want to know more about their cleaning services in sydney, so over and tell them That’s Clean Maids sent you!

5 Must-Dos for a Healthy Home

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Your health, and that of your family, is the most important thing in the world. When any member of the family falls sick, we rush them to the doctor, give them medicines and do everything in our power to make them all better again. Well, the same way, we need to take measures in our homes to ensure that it is a healthy living environment. The more precautions we take, the less likely we are to fall sick.

There are quite a few areas in your home that could lead to coughs, colds, fever, respiratory problems and disease if not taken care of. Here are five must-dos in every household that will promote a healthy home!

  1. Moisture – Keep it to Minimum

Moisture and humidity levels are particularly high in bathrooms, kitchens, underneath sinks and other areas where there are water pipes. This leads to the buildup of mold or mildew while also attracting vermin. You may or may not know that there are several health problems associated with mold and hence, it should be removed immediately using a disinfectant. However, prevention is better than cure so try to keep moisture and humidity levels under control by airing out these areas more often. Install exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms and keep the windows open after cooking and showering.

  1. Clean Regularly

Dust, dirt and allergens pollute the air in your home, making it an unsanitary environment. Regular cleaning will minimize the amount of pollutants in your home by a good 90%! So be sure to vacuum, dust and mop every room in the house at least once in two days. If you can’t find time to do household cleaning, That’s Clean Maids is happy to be of service to you and keep your home clean and healthy!

  1. Cut Down on Chemicals

Though you can’t avoid chemicals in the home altogether, you can definitely minimize the amount. Look for eco-friendly alternatives for household cleaners or consider making your own natural cleaners. The internet has dozens of recipes to make extremely safe and effective solutions for daily cleaning so give it a try!

  1. Ventilate Your Home

If you run your AC very often, you probably keep your windows and doors shut for the most part. This can cause musty indoor air and even worse, the accumulation of carbon dioxide. It’s advisable to open your windows in the morning (as early as possible) as this is when the air is purest. You should also let as much air into your home for proper, prolonged ventilation.

  1. Take Out Trash Regularly

Don’t allow your garbage to sit as it doesn’t take long for maggots to form. If you’ve disposed of raw meat cleanings or spoil foods, take the trash out immediately so that bacteria does not spread.

Of course, if you’re looking for a convenient and less time-consuming way to keep your home healthy, That’s Clean Maids will do the needful at affordable rates! Particularly with the lovely Texan weather this time of year, you probably want to get out more and soak it all in. Perhaps some calm and relaxation at Riva Row Boat House in The Woodlands or a day with the kids at Wet ‘n’ Wild Splash Town in Spring?

How to Keep Idle Kids Busy and Productive at Home


Weekends and school breaks often lead to kids lazing around, playing on gadgets and watching TV all day. It’s a terrible pattern that running the lives of kids all over the world. Today’s younger generation is being consumed by electronics and something must be done about it! While you may not be able to change this pattern in households everywhere, you can certainly make a difference in your own!

Finding ways to keep kids active at home can be challenging because they’re so used to lounging about for the most part. Nevertheless, we’ve come up with some great ideas to help make your mission a success. Read on!

  1. Solving Jigsaw Puzzles

You’d be surprised as to how many kids get addicted to solving jigsaw puzzles. At first, it may seem like a dull way for your kids to pass time but give it a try. Kids enjoy a challenge and jigsaw puzzles are great for developing cognitive skills. You could also buy smaller puzzles like the 150-piece jigsaws and have races to see who can finish faster. The competition amongst themselves will surely keep them entertained!

  1. Do-it-Yourself Projects

Getting your kids involved in arts and crafts is a wonderful way to enhance their creativity and keep them from looking at a screen all day. Look out for some simple do-it-yourself projects and help your kids make this a hobby. Most kids enjoy making things but just be sure to give them age-appropriate projects. If they find something too challenging right away, they’re likely to lose interest.

  1. Family Games!

As clichéd as it sounds, there’s nothing better than getting everyone together with some good ol’ fashioned family games! Pick out games that your kids enjoy (even if you don’t fancy them all that much) and set aside a time and day in the week to play your family games. The trick here is to keep your kids engrossed in something other than cell phones, computers and televisions.

  1. Household Chores

In all the fun and madness, don’t forget to teach your kids the importance of doing household chores. Each member carries their own responsibilities in the household and it shouldn’t be neglected. So, make up a cleaning schedule that sets aside some time in the day to complete household chores and ensure that your kids follow them before leisure time begins. It’s helpful to give them an allowance or reward at the end of every week SHOULD they carry out their duties properly and in a timely manner.

  1. Outdoor Activities

It’s so important to get your kids more active outside because there are far too many things to consume their time indoors. Whether it’s throwing a frisbee, kicking around a soccer ball or playing catch in the backyard, outdoor activities should be a part of your child’s day to day life. Find out what your kids are interested in and encourage them to pursue it. The more time they spend outside, the lesser they will in front of a screen.

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Stovetop and Other Appliances


Stainless steel appliances are most attractive when spotless and shiny. Of course, when they’re brand new that’s the way you get them; but what happens when dullness and stains take over? Well, that means it’s time to clean and bring back the sheen!

To make your stainless steel appliances clean and sparkly again without scratching or damaging the surface, you need to follow these cleaning tips carefully. Don’t worry, it’s easy and the results are amazing! Read on.

  1. Overall Cleansing of Stainless Steel Gas Stove

When you’re cleaning more soiled appliances like your stovetop, the process requires more time and effort. Here’s how we go about it:

– Make a solution of warm-hot water and any cleaner which does not contain chloride (2 cups water, half cup cleaner); dip a clean kitchen cloth in this and wring it slightly before placing it over a section of your stovetop (avoid covering the burners). Use as many cloths as needed until the entire stove is covered and let sit for about 20 minutes. If you feel like the cloths are drying up too quickly, pour a little of the hot cleaning solution over them to soak a little more.

– After the time’s up, take the cloths off and gently scrub at stains with a soft sponge or scrubber. By now, any hardened food bits or stains will have loosened to make cleaning much easier and effortless.

– Next, take a clean, dry cloth and soak up any excess water from your stove top. To finish off the cleaning, you can use glass cleaner or vinegar; simply dip a cloth in your chosen cleanser and wipe the stainless steel to reveal a freshly cleaned surface and its lost luster again!

  1. Cleaning and Buffing Other Stainless Steel Appliances

Your toaster, coffee maker, refrigerator, oven and other stainless steel appliances are all prone to staining. Food splatters, liquid spills, greasiness and dirty fingers can easily dull and stain your stainless steel over time; hence, we advise spot cleaning after cooking or immediately after ‘dirtying’ a surface. To do this:

– Spritz a little glass cleaner on to the stain and allow it to sit for a minute.

– Next, dip a non-abrasive scrubber in warm water (squeeze out excess water) and gently scrub the stain away. The warmth of the water helps to remove grease and hardened stains.

– The rest of the appliance can also be cleaned using glass cleaner and crumpled newspaper balls. The ink from the paper adds to the steel’s sheen.


– If you’re looking to buff your stainless steel further, distilled vinegar and lemon oil work perfectly! Mix the two ingredients (2 parts vinegar, 1 part lemon oil); soak and wring a clean, microfiber cloth in the solution and begin wiping your stainless steel appliances. Try wiping in the direction of the grain for better effects.

Professional Maid Service – Why You Need One Today

If you’re deliberating whether or not to hire a maid service, that means you certainly have reasons for wanting one. However, you’re still waiting for a few more to push you over the edge (and by that we mean pick up your phone and call us!)

All though homeowners consider hiring a maid service for various reasons, many of them match up. We could all use a little more time on our hands and some help in the household to make life a little easier. So if you’re in a dilemma over whether to hire a maid service of not, we’re going to help you make that decision by telling why you need one today!

1. Clean Home = Better Health

If you don’t have time to clean or aren’t able to clean efficiently, that leaves dust and bacteria on surfaces. This can lead to health issues like allergies, respiratory problem and various bacteria borne diseases. The importance of a sanitary home cannot be ignored. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, you will clearly mark the difference of living in a home that is regularly cleaned as opposed to one with dusty surfaces and unsanitary bathrooms and kitchen space. It makes a world of difference to your health so keep it clean!

2. Maid Service Pros – Professional Maids Clean Better

There’s no denying that a maid can clean better than homeowners can. They have the skill, knowhow and time to clean efficiently using effective techniques to get surfaces gleaming in your home. What’s more, they can do this in a lot less time than most of us could. Their time is devoted to just cleaning; hence, they can fully focus on a task at hand, as opposed to homeowners who have so many other errands and responsibilities to take care of.

3. Dirty Homes and Stress are Synonymous

If you walk into a house that is messy and dirty, you can’t help but feel stressed. It only makes you feel like there’s a weight on your shoulders which is bit too much to bear when you’re already worn out from a hard day at work or other responsibilities. A clean home, on the other hand, instantly brings about a feeling of calmness and peace. It allows you to kick back and relax, making your home truly feel like a safe haven for you and your family.

4. Frees Up Time

Cleaning is time consuming. Especially if you clean every room daily (this is advisable), you’ll find yourself spending hours to finish cleaning the entire house. Having a maid who will take care of household cleaning means having plenty of spare time to rest, attend to other responsibilities or spend your leisure time doing what you enjoy. The time factor is one of the most common reasons for needing a maid service. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, most of us simply don’t have enough time to devote to cleaning.

Good Habits and Bad Habits When Cleaning Up Around the House

Cleaning up each and every room in your home is no walk in the park. It takes time, a whole lot of energy and the right tools and techniques. However, sometimes homeowners make cleaning harder for themselves by either allowing things to pile up, or simply going about cleaning the wrong way.

There are many common areas in our home that get dirty and require special attention, yet they are overlooked. How we clean these areas is also important. Bad cleaning habits need to be replaced by good ones to ensure that your home has a healthier, cleaner environment. Read on to find out more.

Cleaning in the Kitchen:

One of the most common areas of the kitchen that requires daily cleaning is the stovetop. Food stains, oils and hardened food gunk really make your gas stove look unsightly. What’s worse, it attracts cockroaches and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. So, bad habit #1 is keeping your stovetop dirty overnight. Instead, you should wait till your stove and grates cool down after cooking, and douse any spills or stains with a mixture of liquid soap and water. Allow this solution to sit for 10 minutes before wiping your stove clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

Cleaning in the Bathroom:

Every tool you use while cleaning your bathroom – right from the scrubbers and squeegee to the toilet and tile brushes – need to be cleaned and dried thereafter. Storing them when wet or leaving them in your bathroom (a damp and humid place) won’t help in drying them. Hence, it’s important to rinse out all your bathroom cleaning aids thoroughly, and then taking them outside to air dry. If it’s a bright day, let them dry out in the sun as the sunlight helps to kill bacteria. As soon as they’re dry, store them away for their next use.

Cleaning in the Living Room:

How often do you clean your remotes, video game consoles and telephone? These components are either overlooked or merely wiped with a feather duster. This accounts for yet another bad cleaning habit. Cleaning between buttons and wiping the item down properly is important because these handheld objects are crawling with bacteria. You can do this by dipping a cotton swab in any disinfectant (pinch it to remove excess liquid) and clean thoroughly. For the rest of the unit, dampen a cloth using the same disinfectant and wipe it down.

Cleaning in the Bedroom:

We all clean out our closet from time to time; but how many of you take the time to actually clean your closet? The habit of pulling out all your clothes, sorting through them, folding them up and putting them back in the closet is common, but it’s a bad one. At least once a year, it’s important to clean your cupboard thoroughly to rid it of dust, mildew or any dirt in the corners. Do this by empting the closet out completely, and wiping it down using a clean cloth and mild disinfectant. Don’t overlook corners, ceilings and the underside of shelves as this is where dust tends to settle the most.

Get the Best of Both Worlds on Your Next Day Off!

You know that feeling of relief when you come home after a tiring week, knowing that you’re off from work the next day? Most of us can’t wait for that one day in the week when we get to just kick back and relax. Unfortunately, for a lot of people that’s never an option. Their days off from work are generally used to get ahead of dirty laundry, vacuuming up dust bunnies, washing bathrooms, and all sorts of home cleaning. Can you really call this a day off? No, you can’t!

It’s time you considered hiring an affordable cleaning service like That’s Clean Maids who will take care of your household cleaning and free up some time for yourself. Your day off should be devoted to treating yourself to a little pampering and guilty pleasures after a long, hard week. Here are some awesome ideas for you to consider on your next day off!

1. Forget about Clichés, it’s Spa Day!

Head on down to the local spa and treat yourself to a few hours of pampering. Whether you choose a head massage, foot rub or a full body massage, you’re guaranteed to clear your head of the worries and stress of everyday life for those long, mesmerizing minutes. Even a facial can be incredibly relaxing and blissful. The steam room is another great place to unwind and it does wonders for your skin as well! Manicures, pedicures and the likes are just a few other things you can do on your spa day, each of which alleviate stress and only bring about a feeling of satisfaction!

2. Order in and Netflix Binge

We all have our guilty pleasures, be it food or a soap opera. So why not combine the two?! Don’t worry about cooking, order in something you’ve been craving all week including your favorite dessert or run down to the store and pick up a tub of ice cream and some goodies to munch on for the rest of the day. Slip into something comfortable and binge watch your favorite TV shows as you laze on the couch. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect day off? The best part is, you can thoroughly enjoy this time knowing that you won’t have to worry about cleaning up later because you’ve got a reliable professional to do it!

3. It’s Been Forever Since You Had a Get Together

Do you miss your family and friends? Wouldn’t it be nice to have them over for brunch? Well, with all the cleaning being taken care of, you finally can! Get-togethers are so much fun; not only does it give you a chance to catch up with your beloved family and friends, but it also helps to get your mind off of work and other stressful things. A good ol’ Texan brunch with good people is certainly a well spent day off from work.

4. The Great Outdoors and More!

We don’t mean grabbing your backpack and sleeping bag and going camping (unless that is something you’d like to do), we’re merely saying to get some fresh air and visit places you’ve been putting off for so long because you couldn’t find the time. Whether it’s a new restaurant, a park or the beach, don’t stay cooped up in the house cleaning up on your day off when you have That’s Clean Maids to do that for you. Get out there and live a little!

When you’ve been working hard all week, there is no reason to feel guilty about pampering yourself or enjoying some ‘you’ time. Go on now, get the best of both worlds doing the things you love and leave the cleaning to the professionals!