The Least Clean(ed) Places in Your Home

There are many areas of your home that get overlooked when cleaning. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that these places end up being the dirtiest and most contaminated ones of them all! The worst part is that many homeowners are oblivious to the fact that these areas or objects are filthy. Bacterias are crawling and hence, continue to touch and use them like nothing’s wrong! But it is wrong; so very wrong and unhealthy! With that said, we’d like to share with you some of the least cleaned places in the home and how to maintain a clean home.


The Least Cleaned Spots at Home That You Need to Evaluate


  1. Knobs and Handles

We’re not just talking about the ones on doors, but all sorts of knobs and handles around your home. In fact, the handles are generally dirtier than whatever it that they’re attached to! This is because they are held or touched by different sets of hands which deposit bacteria on them. It’s advisable to start wiping knobs and handles down with a disinfectant on a regular basis.


  1. Remote Controls

Again, bacteria from our hands and dust settling on them make remote controls one of the filthiest objects in the home! What’s worse is that germs, dust, and dirt cling to the rubber buttons. It also fills up the gaps between them, making it harder to clean. Nevertheless, it’s important that you take a little time out to clean your remote controls thoroughly using disinfectant wipes.


  1. Scrubbers and Sponges

It comes as no surprise that scrubbers and sponges are filled with bacteria. After all, they’re used to clean up some gross stuff! It’s advisable to replace them every month and keep them clean and sanitary till then. This can be done by soaking them in a bleach-based cleaner for ten minutes and drying them out properly before their next use.


  1. Bath Mats

After you shower, you wipe your feet on it, maybe even your flip flops, which keeps your bath mat wet or damp for prolonged periods. What’s worse is that bath mats are kept in humid environments and hence, become a breathing ground for bacteria. So don’t waste any time when it comes to laundering your bath mats with a bleach detergent every two weeks or so.


  1. Toothbrush Holders

Regardless of what type of toothbrush holder you have, be it a stand or a cup, a wet toothbrush holder promotes mildew or a moss-like fungus to grow over time. If you have a cup holder, you will notice the water collecting at the bottom starting to turn green which is very unhygienic and unsafe. To avoid this, rinse out your holder every week and replace your toothbrush regularly.


  1. Dirty Clothes Hamper

Yes, this is where all your sweaty, smelly clothes and other dirty laundry is dumped and left for (sometimes) days before being washed. Now imagine how filthy this hamper/basket must be after housing these smelly, dirty items? That thought is probably enough from least cleaned spots to make you clean your dirty clothes basket today! Do this by using a disinfectant to wipe or soak it before rinsing the basket out with clean water.